Lisa Ray must be well over 50. She is India’s Liz Hurley, sauve, spohisticated, ageless and with a bomb of a body! Even after fighting cancer etc. she is still in perfect shape in fact more sexy than she was 30 years ago.











Tamanna has a confidnece in her chisel cut features and extreme beauty that borders on arrogance. She finds she is perfect stuff of fantasy for Telugu men audiences. Her ultra fair skin contrasts again the the dark skin of her co-actors like night and day. Her hazel eyes make her look like she is from outer space in the midst of the tough hairy, mustachioed and ill kept Telugu men. Her lips are large and red and they look like they have been cut with diamonds, perfect edges and chiseled corners making them look just like the famous hollywood actress Jessica Beil’s lips – often described as the most beautiful living lips int he histroy of mankind. the most attractive feature

Take a hard look abofe and compare with Jessica:

You can see the strong resemblance between the two ladies’ lips. Both have protruding large lips that are long and wide. the lips start in a tight thin line way outside the center of the face. the upper lips are curled upwards at the edge, causing a knife edged top endge that points upwards. This is a sign of extreme beauty and very rare anywhere in the world, especially india. Indian women typically have lips that have rounded edges and meld intot he overall shape of the lip.

The upper lip is also in the perfect heart shape, elongated gently and when pouted, curves tightly to form the classic heart shape.  The lower part of the pout reveals a tunnel like centre section that curves inwards when pouted. This immediately serves as a stark reminder to imaginative men in the audience of how Tamanna’s intimate and private vagina  would curl inwards from the edges.

The lower lips are thick and fleshy. They have deep longitudinal lines running over them visible when the lip is closed and pulled towards the center. This is a classical trait of super models, suggesting a feelsome and grippy kiss that the lips are capable of despite the application of smooth gloss on them.

Nargis Fakhri has the unique distinction of being a latecomer to Bollywood who is making it big. Hollywood actresses often peak close to 40 while Bollywood actresses are usually all done by the time they are 30. well this is changing. Nargis is a perfect example.

She has gorgeous features, extra large and fleshy lips and a body that is two classes above the Bollywood norm, in terms of shape, size, fairness, fitness, texture of skin and voluptuousness. She entered the industry in her 30s looking for money and fame. She used to be a model in the US who was getting nowhere. Half Pakistani and Half american, she just did not fit the western model template. She has spoken often about how hard she had to work on her body, to get it close ot a size zero in attempting to succeed  in the US models race.

She comes to Bollywood and everything changes. Her natural large, supple and strong body is an instant hit in Hollywood. In a  nation of either impoverished and stunted bodies or potbellied and loose hanging flesh, she made a mark as a curvy, fit and large woman who towers over everyone else.

Bollywood actors and actresses feel inadequate with Nargis around. She reminds India of the physical superiority of the Muslim conquerors who ruled India for a millennium. She has strong facial features such as a long and sharp nose, A long and oval face and large, perfectly shaped and rose red lips that reveal strong, even and lovely teeth. Her eyesockets  arch downb to cover the top portion of her eyes in a very European trait. Her bebrows are long and arched to perfection.

Her body is truly an alabaster body. Her arms reveal the right amount of strength and muscle tone a testimno to how well she exercises. He breasts are the best in Bollywood, large, firm, uplifted and round. She has no qualms showing them off as you can see from the side view of the right breast below.

Her belly is flat and her midriff is long and curved. Her stomach muscles are visible now and then, showing how taut her belly is. Her hips are large and wide, which excite Indain men, no problem to show them off in terir natural glory unlike in the west. Her butt is the tightest in Bolloywood, firm and large.

Her legs are magnificent. Long, large, shapely and strong. Her calves are thick and gently musculed and her long and strong calf muscles gently bulge out with pressure as the six footer wears another 4-5 inch high heels. Her thighs are big and strong yet not fat. Their length hides their large circumference and fleshiness. They are heavy and strong enough to crush the average Indian man, where he to get trapped between them.


IN the above picture, Nargis along with Parachute oil company demonstrates the art of oiling. Basically, how to apply oil to legs and thighs to make them shine with glory of health and strength!



I was watching some Youtube videos last evening. Mostly about Malayalam movies at the turn of the decade from the 70s to the 80s. There are four women who dominate the industry in this time. They are all large ladies, with frames and proportions and asset sizes that would be shocking in today’s day and age. However, those were the days when size mattered and audiences wanted their heroines to be generously proportioned.

For startes – Sheela’s Domination

In the mid 70s, Sheela dominated the Malayalam movie scene. She acted in literally hundreds of movies, the roles he played were vast and varied. Most prominent among these were roles in historical movies of Kalari and Mamangam, where she generally would play the role of a beautiful princess, her beauty well known all over the land, Yet she would be very brave and skilled as a warrior. The supreme gift of her sex was reserved for the bravest and strongest of men. Many movies would involve bathing scenes where compatriots would give her a bath while allowing the audience ot get a sense of her beautiful body, and huge assets. Sheela was famous for her utter beauty, large red lips, sandal colored skin, big rounded breasts and a generous giver of her bodily beauty to the rapt audiences. Below is a video showcasing her beauty:

Enter Srividya

During this time, in came Srividhya. She was short and dark (compared to Sheela) but had an angelic face – a Cleopatra like beautiful nose, tender and beautiful eyes, face like a doll, long silky hair. Being a brahmin and vegetarian, she did not have the suppleness to her body like the other three meat eating heroines described here. Sheela was a Christian and Jayabharathi and Seema were both Naris and all of them ate beef and other meat items. The regular consumption of beef and mutton gave these three women’s bodies a solid build, shiny skin, firmness and strength that Srividya could simply not match. Her body was no less beautiful than Sheela’s – in some senses even more so. She would not reveal as much of it as Sheela did. It was hard to see her in any dress other than an ornate Saree and blouse with Sleeves. However, there have been a few movies where she expressed her hot side as a woman on fire and she would enact these scenes with so much genuine lust in her expressions that the audience would go into raptures. One classic song of Srividya is where she is loved in the bathroom by er husband, exposing the fullness of her body through a wet saree and blouse.

The one song that is a must watch for her fans:

Jayabharathi Asserts her power

Jayabharathi was always lurking in the scene, but arrived full fledged around this time. Her secret was her sheer size, extreme-hourglass figure and willingness to share the bounty of her body with the audience. She was the most generous of the big four, giving her body in ample measures. Her breasts are the stuff of legends. Her midriff has resulted in sleepless nights for millions. Her thighs were so large that it was said to be difficult to make dresses like bell-bottom pants for her, the fashionable dress of the times. An example video showing her massive body :

Enter Seema

Perhaps the most remarkable of the four queens of the days is Seema. Her rise was metroric. Although she did not have the facial beauty of Srividya, nor the enormity and curves of Jayabharathi’s body, she was in one word, radiant. Her screen presence was immense. She brought a new age of dressing to Malayalam Cinema. She wore sleeveless dresses almost always that showed off her shapely upper arms and flesh shoulders.. She often wore mini-skirts that helped show off her well built calves and her enormous thighs. Her butt was the legendary in its massive size, tight structure, firm arcs. It would nowadays be called a “bubble butt” – popular in Brazil, the butt capital of the world, It as simply outstanding in its size,  rounded shape and contours.

Seema had medium sized tits, but they were full of life, heaving and thrusting against her skimpy t-shirts and tight blouses. She had a disarming sexuality was hard to ignore. She acted in each scene as though she was very well aware of the power attraction her body exuded flourishing her body generously.

Her hair was striking in its bounce and body. Her lips were very unorthodox. They were rather flat with a pouting lower lip that was so kissable. A must watch video of Seema to understand what is meant by her “radiance”

Bhanupriya was a popular actress in the mid-late 80s and early 90s in Tamil and Telugu. She must have started pretty young, because she seemed to evolve a lot during the 10-12 years on screen. In the early days, you see a very slim and petite girl, and her huge eyes and rounded face are all you remember. Later on, she puts on some of the sexiest curves ever known in the industry, develops bazooka boobs and puts on a sultry look that is unmatched.

She also has another very unique features, she is almost an “outie”  by nature – her belly button is very prominent by the way the flesh in her stomach curves and carves lusciously in a vortex to make way for the jewel but instead of deep hole one would expect, the belly button is actually more like parallel layers of serrated skin with a long and narrow button, set like gold flakes.

See pictures below from her two early movies – the first from the movie Kaidi 786 with Chiranjeevi, when the hero inadvertently gets a glimpse of Bhanu’s jewel.


The second picture clearly shows Bhanu’s belly button as a narrow horizontal slit on top followed by the main button which is horizontally oriented with a tight aperture shaped like a narrow eye, the surprising thing is, it is not deep set, circular and dark like one would expect in such a curvy woman, but covered by a layer of skin only millimeters below the surface.

This same basic shape is further evidenced in her early Tamil film Gopura Vasalile, as in the pictures below from her wet song. This clearly shows the horizontal orientation of her belly button. not only that, it also shows how the sharp curvy clefts on her outer body line are oriented towards the belly button, the button being the crown jewel. There are lines marking edges of flanks of flesh that radiate out from the sideways edges of the button to the outer midriff, almost as though the flesh has been pulled to the Center from either side and knotted together in a tight strong knot made by the eye of the button.


If you see all the early movies of Bhanupriya, although there are umpteen rain songs and other sexy poses she makes, where she reveals her shapely and cury midriff, she never reveals her deep secret – actual belly button. Her button is not considered to conform to the best of breed,  a large, rounded, deep and dark button like what the top stars in this department, such as navel queen Shobana’s below

Bhanu – Later Years

Now fast forward a few years to the last 80s, in the movie Khshatriyan with Vijayakanth, there is fantastic scene where the hero massages Bhanu’s navel with oil. Take a look at the shot below:


Here is another late stage picture from a Malayalam movie in the 90s, when a sleeping Bhanu is being watched by a young boy.


Now comes the surprising part – In the last pictures, you will see that the shape of Bhanu’s navel has totally changed. It has taken the more traditional form of a deep hole with a wide rim, which was idealized by popular movie trend in 80s in South India as the ideal shape to have for the woman’s belly button and navel. Gone are the connections between the button and the outer midriff’s  curves as illustrated earlier.

My belief is that since the belly button was one of Bahnupriya’s most important assets for the commercial success of her movies, directors may have urged her to have cosmetic surgery to convert her narrow, tight, serrated button into a more traditional rounded and deep button. There is no other explanation for the dramatic change in the shape of Bhanu’s belly button from the mid 80s to the late 80s.

But this was a totally wrong move, in my belief. I find Bhanu’s original belly button to be far more unique, much more representative of the tight and supple body Bhanu has, which generates and radiates a unique sexual energy. The stunning curves of her stomach and navel which form a backdrop for her belly button are out of this world. The serrated shallow button that was almost like an outie’s gave away a shockingly erotic image, the glimpses of which startled the audience and aroused them with to the possibilities of south Indian feminine beauty that is so diverse and surprising. By going to a traditional belly button like Shobana’s or Sridevi’s I feel Bhanupriya did a great dis-service to herself and the male audience.


Bhanupriya (or Bhanu Priya) is a former leading actress of the Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada films from 1980 to 1993. She also acted in Bollywood in the late 80s/early 90s. She is an expert classical dancer. She was often referred to as the ‘other Sridevi’.She was born on 15th January 1967 in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh and was settled in Chennai, Tamil Nadu at a very young age.Her birth name is Manga Bhama. When she started acting she changed her name to Bhanu Priya. She is 5′ 6½” (1.69 m) height.Bhanupriya has acted in over 111 films as a heroine in various languages. She has acted in over 35 Telugu films, around 30 films in Tamil and also 14 Bollywood films and a few Kannada, Malayalam films.
Bhanupriya began her film acting career when she was just 16 years old. She made her debut in the Telugu movie Sitaara in 1983, directed by Vamsy, which was a big hit.In the early stages, her roles focused on her bharatanatyam skills, and she often played second fiddle to other heroines like Vijayashanti and Sridevi. Bhanupriya evolved and transformed throughout the 80s. She took on more prime roles opposite major heroes like Chiranjeevi and Venkatesh.

She is famous for her large beautiful and expressive eyes, which led her to a career in modelling. Her most famous ad was of Eyetex, a popular eyeliner. Cinematographer and director P.C.Sriram once described her as having the most beautiful and photogenic face among south Indian movie actresses.
Banhupriya’s Evolving physique and maturity
As Bahnupriya matured from being a teenager to a young and full woman, the roles she was cast in also changed. From being cast as the young innocent girl, she slowly started taking up roles that celebrated her slowly and surely maturing beauty. In her earlier movies, although she did mildly revealing and suggestive songs, her body was slim, taut and girlish.In a few years, she had changed altogether.
During the transitional phase, her body started filling out with her breasts becoming slowly larger and firmer, her midriff adding lovely curves and her butt filling out nicely. See the song below for a close look at her maturing body as she transitions from teenage to her early twenties
Her body took on a perfect hourglass shape. Her midriff developed with some of the most rounded, smooth and shapely curves ever seen. The flesh in her stomach started to curve and carve a luscious vortex to make way for the jewel of her belly button. But in the center of this heavenly abode, instead of deep dark crevice one would expect, the belly button was surprisingly unique, two parallel horizontal clefts set like golden flakes, the lower one like a shallow eye that is presiding and seeing with pride all the impact that this immense beauty creates on the world.
In 1988, Bhanupriya acted in a landmark movie called Kaidi 786 opposite Chiranjeevi. At 21 years, she had come of age. The movie announced the new Bhanupriya to the world like no one else. Since she had a different image of the innocent girl before, the director had to do some innovative work to draw audience attention to the new Bhanu.  Her ripe and overflowing facial beauty had to be emphasized and so had her mature curves. The director did this through a couple of scenes where Bhanu and the hero are unaware of each other, the first a sequence where Bhanu pretends to sleep while is actually seducing the hero, the second where the hero accidentally sees her undress. These two are must watch sequences

There was a huge gap in her film-career when she was at the top place in the Tollywood especially – due to her sheer fault that instead of building her career which was so colorful, she got attracted to the Bollywood’s offers and that’s precisely where she erred being downgraded against competition which were less interested in her dance skills. But she makes no excuses. And she has a lot of plans for herself taking up a research in dance and add new styles to the contemporary repertoire besides establishing a dance institution for the youth.
Bhanupriya fell in love with Adarsh Koushal, an award-winning photographer based in the United States and son of famous Bharatanatyam artist Sumathi Koushal in United States, and married him. Shortly after her marriage, she too re-located to the U.S. where gave birth to a daughter. Now, they are settled in Chennai.
She has bagged a Nandi Award for Best Actress in 1988 for her performance in Swarna Kamalam. She also won the Filmfare Best Actress Award (Telugu) for the same film that year. She has two Nandi Awards for Best Supporting Actress to her credit, one for the film Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo in 2002 and the other for Chatrapati in 2005.
Bhanupriya is now based in Chennai and planning to direct a film , with classical dance as lead role. She had also acted in a television serial, Shakthi , that is telecast on Network channels.

Supermodels usually struggle in their 20s reach their prime in early 30s and then start a long decline and they are gone by the time they are 40. No so with India’s Sridevi. She was a child artiste in movies, rose to dominat South Indian cinema with her adolescent innocent good looks and lush young body in her teens, went on to dominate Hindi Cinema in her 20s with her raunchy hourglass body and thunder thighs, went into oblivion/married life for 20 years in her 30s and 40s. Now in her early 50s, she is back in form. Her figure looks hotter than ever in her life, she is bubbly and youthful, and her legs are again the talk of the town –  not for the thunder thighs but for being some of the best shaped and toned legs across women of all age groups. She is India’s new supermodel at the age of 52!

Sridevi the Supermodel with the hottest legs in India

Less Thunder more lightning! Smoking hot legs of Sridevi


Sridevi’s Bazooka Boobs


Recent pic pic of Sridevi cleavage – Mom film launch